CC0 License

At NegativeSpace, it’s our goal to simplify the process of sharing and finding beautiful, high-resolution images. Because of this, all the photographs (and their raw image files) are made available under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

The CC0 license grants users the right to:

  • Download any photo from the public domain (which includes the NegativeSpace website).
  • Use, copy, edit, or share that photo.
  • Use it for personal or commercial purposes.
  • And to do so without purchase, permission, or giving attribution to the creator of the work. While we do always encourage attribution of the photography found on the NegativeSpace website, it is not required.

Please be aware that we do vet each photograph before it is published to the Negative Space website. It is your responsibility to check the validity and safety of using any photos downloaded from this site.