About NegativeSpace

Although the concept of negative space isn’t one that is commonly known (unless you’re a professional photographer or designer), the technique itself is one that most people would recognize.

Most people who look at this photo are familiar with this sort of visual manipulation. The blades of grass found in the center of the photo are clear and in focus while everything around them is blurred. This is how the photographer tells us where to look. Those blades of grass are the positive space (or subject) in this photo. The blurred area that allows us to focus on the subject is the negative space.

Like the negative space of a photograph, that is how we envision ourselves at NegativeSpace.

Our goal in launching NegativeSpace is to give photographers a platform whereby they can share their photography with the world. We want to provide those out-of-focus surroundings so the beautiful high-resolution images found within them have a chance to shine.

NegativeSpace is about creating communities: A community of photographers who want to share their work. And a community of online visitors who want to use their beautiful, free high-resolution images without any restrictions.

Welcoming All Photographers

Looking toward the future, our mission is a simple one: we want to encourage photographers to contribute their work and join our global community. We want NegativeSpace to be the place to find the most beautiful, free high-resolution images on the web, so we’re inviting you to send us your photographs today.

Welcoming All Visitors

If you’ve just arrived on our website and wondering what this is all about: welcome. Each of the high-quality photographs you find here has been taken by a photographer from the NegativeSpace community. We have something for everybody, so be sure to check out our categories: Abstract, Animals, Architecture, Business, Black & White, Food, Landscapes, Nature, People, Sport, Street, Technology, Transport, and Work.

Because we want to give our visitors easy access to beautiful, high-resolution photography, all of the photos on this site are free. Free in cost as well as free to use under a Creative Commons CC0 license. For more information on how we manage the image licensing on this website, visit our License and Privacy pages.

Our network of content sites also includes 1stWebDesigner (web design resources & tutorials) and PSDDD (free web & mobile app design resources).

We also maintain a collection of tools for web developers, they are JSONLint, JSCompress, JSONCompare, RandomKeygen and DNS-Lookup.